SuperCollider Projects

The SuperCollider programming language is the main sound and music composition tool I have used since 1998.
Supercollider Production Environment

is a personal IDE I have developed over the years for writing projects using the SuperCollider sound programming language.

See Supercollider Production Environment-->.

SuperCollider 2010 Symposium Berlin

In 2010,  I was on the organiser team for this symposium. 
Supercollider 2010 -->

SuperCollider Workshops // Collaboration
Next to teaching  SuperCollider Workshops, I have provided consulting and aid to artists using SuperCollider in their projects.
GUI Documentation
In 2008 I took on the rather large project of writing a thorough documentation of the GUI system of SuperCollider. This included documenting all methods of all classes, providing coding examples, tutorials, and a general introduction. Much of this work remains part of the SuperCollider documentation, even if it has been adjusted and expanded to meet the needs of the ever evolving code, and the new QT-GUI library.
Open Source Programmer
I have made various contributions to the gui classes of SuperCollider and SuperCollider Source.

I have published several SuperCollider Quarks:

  • TabbedView
  • TabbedView2
  • FancySlider
  • EZFancySLider